What people are saying…


Not many could successfully teach and inspire students across the distance of hundreds of miles, but then again Vicci and Adamo aren’t just anybody. They are the very essence of professionality, always striving for a clear and well-structured pedagogy in every class. Their warm and lovable personalities help further cement a playful and enjoyable learning experience. Vicci and Adamos online courses are of the highest quality. It’s easy to find your way through the wide range of material, and the aesthetics of the website are further evidence of their pedagogical ambitions and expertise. In addition, the courses are very priceworthy. This online school was a great help for us in finding our own identities as dancers and teachers. The online classes provide inspiration available at any time: we can watch the material over and over and we don’t have to wait for several months on end for another class with these high caliber teachers. It’s true luxury to have them in your home.

Sandra & Niclas, Gothenburg





Hi, I just want to thank you so much for making a website like this and caring about giving good quality videos giving the opportunity to others to learn with such a great foundation. I’m from Costa Rica and here people don’t dance blues. We have groups of musicians who play blues but nobody dances. Here we have a lindy hop association that started last year and many people want to learn blues! With this material my partner and I are practicing to death to start giving basic workshops in order to introduce blues in our country. Your website is giving us an amazing support for this start!

Esteban, Costa Rica





Vicci’s and Adamo’s online school really shines – it’s the same clarity of explanation, the same chilled, easy-going, fun vibe that you get when you learn from them in person. But what’s absolutely priceless is the well thought through, nicely progressing material that builds up and grows with you. So instead of trying to grow things on your own, you can just follow the lessons, avoiding developing bad habits and many frustrations along the way. Plus, you can pause the videos, slow them down and just take things at your own pace. In short, check their online school out and I’m positive you won’t regret! 

Piotr, Denmark





Adamo and Vicci make blues dancing accessible, especially to people who can not afford the time and money to frequently travel to workshops. They are spreading seeds that have potential to grow up to blues dancing communities all over world. Their online classes nurtures the small blues dancing community of our city. We love their videos, how they dance, how they teach, and even how they dress. They do their classes with great attention to detail. We feel their passion for blues dancing and their desire to let everyone become a passionate blues dancer as well.

Manuel, Switzerland





Adamo and Vicci’s online school is intelligently designed for dancers of all levels and with different needs. Every single lesson is very clear and in-depth. This makes the entire online course accessible to anyone, even those who have a complex and busy daily routine. Having been lucky enough to have known them personally, it is great to see how they have kept their spontaneity in these videos, making the lessons enjoyable and fun. It is clear that they are attentive and generous teachers who love the Blues deeply. After watching their videos you just want to dance a bit of Blues! Negative notes? High risk of addiction !!!

Carlo, Italy