Essential Skills

This series of classes includes the main skills and ideas that we believe are essential in becoming a good, no… a great blues dancer!

The techniques and ideas explained in this series will underpin the majority of all our other classes. In this series you will explore techniques such as stretch, frame and swing in more detail, deepen your understanding of the lead-follow relationship in blues dancing and develop your skills in our beloved close embrace.


Close Embrace Intensive

€35 10 videos 72 minutes

Close embrace can be the most comfortable, wonderful place to be, where your troubles are swept away and you and your partner are magically moving as one to the music. In this close embrace intensive course we give you some of our top tips for making close embrace comfortable and wonderful. You will be given some exercises to practice, lots of imagery to help you and some vocabulary to challenge your close embrace.

Classes include: Posture, Pulse and Points of Connection; Contrabody movement; Connection Drills; Close Embrace Rhythm Changes; Travelling Triple Steps; The Lunge; Clockwise Rotation; Anticlockwise Rotation; and Pivot Turns.



Stretch & Frame

€45 9 videos 100 minutes

The words ‘stretch’ and ‘frame’ are often used by dance teachers, but what do they really mean? This course starts with explanations of what frame and stretch are, and how they are useful in our dancing. It then develops on to look at how we can use stretch to add dynamics to our dancing, using a number of drills and exercises to help you put these ideas into practice. Both leaders and followers will work on using stretch and frame in both arms, and practice maintaining these essential skills throughout a variety of moves and turns.

Classes include: What is Frame?; What is Stretch?; Speed Changes; Mirroring Exercises; and a number of Pass By and Turning variations to put Stretch and Frame into Context.



In The Swing of It

€35 13 videos 75 minutes

The ‘swing’ is a foundation of the way we dance and something we are really passionate about! We believe that ‘swing’ creates an energy that can be redirected around the dance floor, maintaining flow in the dance, allowing smooth transitions between moves and effortless communication between the leader and follower when changing speed and direction. This course will let you into our secret of ‘swing’ giving you a mixture of set moves and exercises to put this idea into context.

Classes include: Adding Swing in our Solo Dancing; Adding Swing in our Partner Dancing; Absorb & Redirect; Communication Challenges; Fast Redirections; Effortless Dynamics; Seamless Transitions; and The Flow Exercise.



Contra Body Adventure

€45 37 videos 120 minutes

This course is designed to give you exercises and drills to improve your contra body movement, focussing on using contra body to initiate rotations. All drills are practiced solo first, so if you don’t have a partner to train with don’t be put off – there is still loads for you in this course! If you are already confident with your contra body movement you can join the course at class 5; if you prefer to brush up your contra body movement skills first then please start from the first class.
A good close embrace connection is expected for the partnered classes in this course. If you are not confident with your close embrace please refer the Close Embrace Intensive course. We love contra body…. we hope you love this course!



The Blues Conversation

€?? 8 videos ?? minutes

An essence of blues music, and therefore blues dancing, is the playful interaction between musicians… or in our case, dancers. We find the relationship of lead and follow in blues dancing a wonderful and fascinating topic and we’re excited to share our views with you! This course will give you insight into how we see the lead-follow relationship, our words of wisdom about how to be a great partner, and some exercises to practice the skill of leading and following.


Essential Follow Skills

€?? 12 videos ?? minutes

Essential Lead Skills

€?? 12 videos ?? minutes

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We have a special ‘Beginner Survival Kit’ series which has been designed specifically for beginners. Once you have completed all the classes in this series you will be ready to try any of the other series. All other courses are suitable for intermediate level dancers and above. All courses begin with more basic techniques and moves and progress in difficulty throughout the course.

Absolutely! Although advanced dancers may be familiar with some of the moves and techniques that are taught in the classes, there is always more to learn! Advanced dancers can enrich their vocabulary, get new ideas for combining moves, refine their fundamental techniques, pick up new tips and techniques, improve their solo and partnership skills, and develop their style. Dancers who are teaching or interested in teaching can discover new ways of breaking down and explaining moves, practice exercises that can be used in classes, and collect lots of new ideas for class content.

If you are new to blues dancing then we recommend starting with the ‘Beginner Survival Kit’. This series is specially designed for beginners and will give you all the information you need to get out there and enjoy yourself on the dance floor.

For all other levels – improver, intermediate, advanced, masters (whatever label you like to use!) – we highly recommend starting with our Essential Skills series. This series includes skills and ideas that we believe are essential in becoming good, no… great blues dancers. The techniques and ideas explained in this series will underpin the majority of all our other classes. However, you are of course free to pick choose whichever courses interest you the most!

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Not a problem! We have a whole series of solo blues courses, plus many of partnered classes contain tips and techniques that can be practised solo. So if you don’t have a partner don’t let it stop you!

No, sorry. The videos are only available online via internet connection.