This series of classes is entirely focused on the music.

The aim of these courses is to help you train your ear to hear the music in more detail, and in turn become a more musical dancers. Throughout these courses we will identify and explain different rhythms commonly heard in blues music, and give you some ideas of how to dance to those rhythms.

Rhythm Toolkit

€50 26 videos 120 minutes

Your introduction you to a number of rhythms or timings commonly found in blues music. For each rhythm you will have a verbal explanation, one footwork variation (solo), and then discover how to partner this up. Once you feel comfortable dancing the different rhythms you will mix them up and improvise with them, enabling you and your partner to dance to different rhythms at the same time, having a wonderfully interesting rhythmic dialogue.

Rhythms & timings included are: single time; half time; quarter time; triplets; shuffle; triple; and the slow quick quick shuffle.


Swinging Triplets

€50 31 videos 118 minutes

Many blues songs, including any ‘slow blues’ or ‘shuffle blues’, are based on swinging eigth-note triplets. In this course you will learn how to identify and count this triplet rhythm, and learn a wide range of ways to connect to this rhythm in your dancing. Get the rhythm in different body parts, develop your solo and partner dancing, and add some triplet-inspired dynamics to your dancing.

Classes include: Triplets in your pulse, hips, shoulders and steps; body shaping; foot fans; compression triplets; spin and drop; the spinny spinny move and more!


Latin Blues

€50 24 videos 115 minutes

Latin blues refers to blues music that includes a variety of ‘Latin’ rhythms. In this course we will focus on identifying and dancing to the habanera rhythm, popular in blues music throughout the 1950s but introduced in the late 1800s / early 1900s. St Louis Blues, published by W.C.Handy in 1914, includes the habanera rhythm and Jazz legend, Jelly Roll Morton, called this rhythm “The Spanish Tinge”.

Classes include: the habanera rhythm explained; slow quick quick footwork & sequences; habanera footwork & sequences; quick quick slow footwork and much more!


The Blues Shuffle

€40 19 videos 98 minutes

The blues ‘shuffle’. A rhythm you have all heard, even if you don’t realise it! But the shuffle is more than a rhythm… it’s part of blues music history. Legend has it that the shuffle rhythm impersonated the sound of trains – a key symbol of freedom for African American people after the emancipation of slavery and a prevalent theme in blues songs. This course will give you lots of ways to respond to this rhythm in your dancing.

Classes include: Shuffles in the feet but also in the upper body and in various positions, from close to side by side to open position.



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We have a special ‘Beginner Survival Kit’ series which has been designed specifically for beginners. Once you have completed all the classes in this series you will be ready to try any of the other series. All other courses are suitable for intermediate level dancers and above. All courses begin with more basic techniques and moves and progress in difficulty throughout the course.

Absolutely! Although advanced dancers may be familiar with some of the moves and techniques that are taught in the classes, there is always more to learn! Advanced dancers can enrich their vocabulary, get new ideas for combining moves, refine their fundamental techniques, pick up new tips and techniques, improve their solo and partnership skills, and develop their style. Dancers who are teaching or interested in teaching can discover new ways of breaking down and explaining moves, practice exercises that can be used in classes, and collect lots of new ideas for class content.

If you are new to blues dancing then we recommend starting with the ‘Beginner Survival Kit’. This series is specially designed for beginners and will give you all the information you need to get out there and enjoy yourself on the dance floor.

For all other levels – improver, intermediate, advanced, masters (whatever label you like to use!) – we highly recommend starting with our Essential Skills series. This series includes skills and ideas that we believe are essential in becoming good, no… great blues dancers. The techniques and ideas explained in this series will underpin the majority of all our other classes. However, you are of course free to pick choose whichever courses interest you the most!

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Not a problem! We have a whole series of solo blues courses, plus many of partnered classes contain tips and techniques that can be practised solo. So if you don’t have a partner don’t let it stop you!

No, sorry. The videos are only available online via internet connection.

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