The courses in this series are designed to enrich your vocabulary, making your dancing more varied and exciting.

You will learn a wide range of different blues moves, from gritty hip shaking moves, to elegant travelling steps, funky footwork and dramatic dips! All these classes are suitable for intermediate and advanced dancers. Each package starts with more basic moves and techniques and develops in difficulty as the classes progress.

Jookin’ Moves

€65 16 videos 175 minutes

‘Jookin’ blues refers to a group of blues idiom dances that originated in African American communities in Jook Joints in the Mississippi Delta. Due to the limited space in such joints dancing had a focus on solo body movement. In this course you will discover a range of Jookin’ idiom dances, plus other moves with a shared aesthetic, learning each move solo before partnering it up.

Classes include: Rocks; Hip Push; Four Corners; Funky Butt; Fishtail; The Get Down; Low Downs; Shunt; Stomps; James Brown; and Grind.


Four Corners Special

€35 11 videos 70 minutes

Blues idiom dances were originally separate dances, where people would dance variations of a single move for a whole song. With this idea in mind we have created the ‘Four Corners Special’, a whole course exploring different ways to dance this great dance!

Classes include: Four Corners solo; Four Corners partnered; Four Corners in opposition; Four Corners turning; Four Corners travelling; back-to-front Four Corners; and Four Corners with momentum (challenging!).



€65 13 videos 93 minutes

Catches are some of our favourite moves and feel great when done well – they ‘catch’ and absorb the momentum of a move and redirect it somewhere else. These classes will give you new moves to add to your blues dance vocabulary, plus practice turning skills, adding dynamics and lead follow skills.

Classes include: essential skills for catches; top tips for turning on a line; catches from closed; catches from close embrace; catch and rotate; catches with extra turns; continuous catches; dynamic catches and more.


Our Favourite Moves

€40 16 videos 112 minutes

We are delighted to share this course with you, packed full of our favourite moves! These are the kind of moves you’ll see us do when we dance together socially. They are a variety of levels and use a range of different techniques so there should be something for everyone. The classes are progressive so we suggest you start with class number 1 and work you way through.

Classes include: matrix moves; ‘The Vicci Leg’; cross step variations; out & ins; ‘wheeee no hands!’; the dizzy move and more!



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We have a special ‘Beginner Survival Kit’ series which has been designed specifically for beginners. Once you have completed all the classes in this series you will be ready to try any of the other series. All other courses are suitable for intermediate level dancers and above. All courses begin with more basic techniques and moves and progress in difficulty throughout the course.

Absolutely! Although advanced dancers may be familiar with some of the moves and techniques that are taught in the classes, there is always more to learn! Advanced dancers can enrich their vocabulary, get new ideas for combining moves, refine their fundamental techniques, pick up new tips and techniques, improve their solo and partnership skills, and develop their style. Dancers who are teaching or interested in teaching can discover new ways of breaking down and explaining moves, practice exercises that can be used in classes, and collect lots of new ideas for class content.

If you are new to blues dancing then we recommend starting with the ‘Beginner Survival Kit’. This series is specially designed for beginners and will give you all the information you need to get out there and enjoy yourself on the dance floor.

For all other levels – improver, intermediate, advanced, masters (whatever label you like to use!) – we highly recommend starting with our Essential Skills series. This series includes skills and ideas that we believe are essential in becoming good, no… great blues dancers. The techniques and ideas explained in this series will underpin the majority of all our other classes. However, you are of course free to pick choose whichever courses interest you the most!

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Not a problem! We have a whole series of solo blues courses, plus many of partnered classes contain tips and techniques that can be practised solo. So if you don’t have a partner don’t let it stop you!

No, sorry. The videos are only available online via internet connection.