About this course

This course will introduce you to a number of rhythms or timings commonly found in blues music. For each rhythm or timing you will have a verbal explanation, one footwork variation (solo), and then discover how to partner up this variation. Once you feel comfortable dancing the different rhythms you will work on mixing them up and improvising with them, enabling you and your partner to dance to different rhythms at the same time whilst still maintaining connection, and having a wonderfully interesting rhythmic dialogue. Each rhythm introduced in this course will have its own full course (coming soon!) going into more detail about the rhythm and giving you many more ideas of how to respond to this rhythm in your dancing.

Classes include: Single Time; Half Time; Quarter Time; Subdividing Beats – Triplets; Blues Shuffle; Transitioning Between Triplets and Shuffles; Slow Quick Quick Shuffle; Triple Rhythm; Improvising with Rhythms.